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1. Good Samaritan

2. The God that cannot fail

3. The Lighthouse

4. What a time

5. Eastern Gate

6. Victory in Jesus

7. I can still go free

8. I've Got it


1. We've come into this house

2. I've got a praise

3. Sunrise

4. Feel like Praisin' Him

5. Open the eyes of my heart

6. Eagles Wings

7. Draw me close to you

8. Trading my Sorrows

9. Who can satisfy

10. Amazing Grace


1. Magnify Jesus

2. Can't Nobody Do me like Jesus

3. When I think about the Lord

4. Evermore

5. Glory, Glory, Hallelujah

6. We speak to Nations

7. We will ride

8. Iv'e got the Joy

9. Oh to be in Your Presence

10. Hallowed be Thy Name

11. Your latter will be greater


1. Ain't it good to know

2. Glory Hallelujah Meeting

3. Because of who He is

4. His love sustains me

5. My Father has the final Word

6. You gotta be Saved

7. Happy Song

8. You are my King

9. Turn it over to Jesus

10. Days of Elijah

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